Beef Sales


For nearly a decade Royalla Shorthorn Beef has been sold at a Farmer’s Market at Warwick Farm, a south western Sydney suburb. One of Sydney’s major racecourses provides a great venue for the very loyal and discerning clients to select their Royalla Shorthorn Beef every second Saturday from 7am to noon. (These times may vary slightly according to the Warwick Farm Racecourse racing schedule).

The aim is to produce a product that gives the consumer a great eating experience and has been produced in a sustainable way with animal welfare being at the forefront. Shorthorn beef is second to none for all round eating qualities.

Customers value the interaction with the actual producer of their beef as it adds confidence in the integrity of the product.  It also allows for any questions they may have to be answered, and advice given on preparation and cooking.

All cuts, with the exception of sausages and steakettes which are frozen, are cryovacced for maximum keeping and convenience.   RS Beef only needs to be placed straight into the refrigerator and it is ready for use when required.  If the consumer wishes to keep the beef for more than 3 weeks it is recommended it be stored in a freezer.

The animals used in the direct beef marketing are run as part of the Royalla stud and commercial herd.  They are selected for their suitability for slaughter, stage of development and evaluated eating qualities.  This selection is a skill mastered through many years of breeding and selecting cattle. The herd grazes on the extensive natural and improved pastures that make up the Royalla property.  Their health and wellbeing is the paramount concern of the Job family and the entire pastoral activity is centred round this. The best husbandry that can be provided is to ensure that a herd is contented and healthy – this is one of the cornerstones of providing outstanding quality beef.  Another is the use of quality genetics.  Other areas of this website illustrate the world standard genetics that make up the Royalla Shorthorn herd and since being involved with direct marketing of beef the Job family have placed an even higher emphasis on the eating quality of their beef.  The regular slaughter and subsequent preparation of carcases for sale has allowed detailed analysis of the eating qualities of each sire line in use in the herd.  This has resulted in a concentration of the use of the very best genetics for eating quality.

Another cornerstone of quality beef is animal temperament and animal handling. Shorthorn cattle, as a breed, are known for their docile nature and ease of handling. This means they are less stressed and that in turn has a corresponding positive effect on their meat quality.  Running on large acreage also contributes to this. While unable to completely control the whole chain, we transport all slaughter cattle in the farm truck which further adds to the our quality control efforts.

The best way to buy quality Royalla Shorthorn beef is in bulk, as a quarter beast.

Royalla Shorthorn Beef sells their beef in bulk.  This is done through the sale of ¼ beasts and these can be delivered for a small charge to an agreed point around central NSW, Sydney and points in between. 

A ¼ beast pack will usually provide around 40 to 45 kgs of beef, depending on the size of the animal, and will include a complete cross section of a whole body.  It is a great way to provide a family a variety of cuts and eating experiences and at the same time is an extremely economical way of purchasing your beef.   A ¼ will usually retail for between $500 and $600, again depending on the size of the animal. Individual chunky beef pies are an extra option.

If you would like more information on Royalla Shorthorn Beef or to place an order, please email

Usual Royalla Shorthorn Beef Cuts:
  • Eye fillet
  • Rump cap
  • Round
  • Porterhouse
  • Blade
  • Beef strips
  • Fresh silverside roasts
  • Steakettes (patties)
  • Scotch fillet
  • Rump centre
  • Beef medallions
  • Rolled roasts
  • Garlic blade marinade
  • Beef cubes
  • Corned silverside
  • Low fat beef sausages
  • Southern scotch fillet
  • Rump tail
  • Quality mince, 500 gm & kilo packs
  • Low fat honey mustard sausages
  • Sweet pepper blade marinade
  • Topside roasts
  • Corned roll
  • Low fat chilli sausages