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The Royalla Shorthorns stud at Yeoval in Central Western New South Wales is run by Nicholas Job and his parents, Neilson and Sue.

The Marellan Shorthorn stud was established in 1971, based on an elite commercial Shorthorn herd that had run on the ‘Marellan’ property since the early 1950’s. It was begun by Neilson and his brother Lester (of Moombi Shorthorns since 1981) and their father, Allan. View the Marellan Shorthorns Website.

As well as being co principals of the Marellan herd until 2009, Neilson and Sue founded the Royalla prefix in 1988, following the purchase of ‘Royalla’ homestead block.

When their younger son, Lincoln and his wife Lisa, returned to the farm in 2009 a resultant restructure saw them take over the Marellan property and prefix along with a percentage of the Marellan Royalla herds. Neilson, Sue and Nicholas operate the balance of the herd under the Royalla prefix on the ‘Royalla’ property. They also run the Nunyara herd for daughter Genevieve who lives in London.


Part of Royalla was initially purchased by Sue’s family in 1899 and now consists of 7800 acres, ranging from heavy red loam flats to rocky granite hills with a 200 meter (650 feet) difference in elevation.

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Royalla ZZ Top R046

Royalla ZZ Top R046, sold to Kim, Liz, Ned & Katja Williams
of Polldale Shorthorns for $56000 in our 2021 on property sale.
For semen enquiries please contact either Nic Job or Ned Williams.


Royalla Tremain M260

Dubbo National Shorthorn Show & Sale 2018
Sold for $40 000 to Belmore Shorthorns, Sth Australia
and Mortons Shorthorns, New Zealand.


Royalla Isobel H135

Royalla Isobel H135 out being joined to Royalla Ostentatious
after being named the inaugural Shorthorn Miss World
by Shorthorn Breeder.


Royalla Rockstar K274

Not long out of 50 cows. Export semen available.
Click here to view video.